NEXT MEETING: May 24th at 9:00: Classroom 16b of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Paraíso Campus, Gran Vía 2. University of Zaragoza.

Social enterprises in Spain are a plural reality, with a great diversity of experiences both in time, there are those with a long history and others are emerging, as in different types of activities, and objectives to be met. From the 1980s to the beginning of the 21st century, social enterprises have sought to respond to the needs and new challenges affecting people, using the Social Economy as a frame of reference. Thus, the Special Employment Centres, the Insertion Companies, the Social Initiative cooperatives are examples of types of social enterprises. However, especially since the last decade, other emerging types of social enterprises have been incorporated.

With all this, this working group aims to: delimit, describe and analyse social enterprises in Spain.

For the development of this objective the topics to develop are:

  • Models of social enterprises in Spain: legal, economic and social analysis. Special employment centres, insertion companies, social initiative cooperatives, new models
  • Basic magnitudes of social enterprises in Spain and sector analysis
    Financing systems and models: institutions, social financing tools (crowdfunding, community bonds, patient capital…)
  • Governance models: decision models, participation, stakeholder involvement
  • Social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs: context, ecosystems,
  • The role of women as social entrepreneurs
  • Economic and social impact assessment
  • Social innovation and organisational culture in social enterprises
  • Public policies and social enterprises

The group is open to the participation of researchers, professionals from the sector and public administration interested in research and reflection on the subject. At the moment the participants are:

COORDINATION: Carmen Marcuello, GESES-Universidad de Zaragoza