GESES-Zaragoza University is a research group formed by an interdisciplinary team of professors from the University of Zaragoza, from the departments of Management and Organization of Companies, Accounting and Finance, Psychology and Sociology, in coordination with external researchers associated with our lines of work.

We started in 1998, since 2005 we have been recognized by the Government of Aragon like a Consolidated Research Group. In 2018 we have received the qualification of Group of Reference by the Government of Aragon. It is the result of several development of projects, contracts with the Public Administrations, with social Economy entities and with companies, as well as of numerous publications in international and national Reviews and monographs of diverse topics related to our researches.

Thanks to:

GRUPO DE REFERENCIA (S28_17R): Financiado por el Gobierno de Aragón y FEDER 2014-2020
“Construyendo Europa desde Aragón”.